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MG is a young, dinamic company, born in 1997 thanks to the will of its charter member Giovanni Monteleone, to whom, subsequently, the brother Roberto joins in the conduction. The company, which operate in the sector of recovery building materials, has managed, over the year, with great expenditure of forces and energies, to evolve and improve itself, thanks to the owner's seriousness and competence as well as the care and passion they put in the choice and selection of nigh quality material, trying to fullfil the on-going change of costumers and market's needs and requests.All that, together, affectional costumers, whom we always try to please, has allowed us to understand and suggest the most suitable materials to their needs, to the growth of this company, which, nowdays, can boast of having contributed to the renovation of several historical palaces in the whole Italy and the rebirth of many farm houses and to much more besides.

Our sector is very particular and full of charm: we rediscover ancient things which has made safe and has been worked by the hands of patient craftsmen of past age, who had made every single piece unic both for coloring and for processing. This bring has, everytime an old building is domolished to recover materials like tiles, coppi, mezzane, bricks, architraves, thresholds and stone steps and to optain from them stone fireplace, stone or marble skins and much more besides, everything rigorously ancient.

Our continuos development and reserch in materials of high quality and preciousness, has led us, into approaching to the "natural stones", a kind of material which, with its multiple manufacturing, colors and finishes completes our range of product.

By thanking those who gave and continue to give has confidence, those who oppreciate our seriousness and our work, we invite everyone to visit our company.